Commitment ceremonies are a bond of love between two people.
A commitment ceremony has no legal statue.

Some couples decide to celebrate their commitment with a simple private
You may have a large celebration and ask family and friends to come together to
recognise your relationship. However you decide to celebrate this moment, it is
important to take some time to reflect on your feelings, your love for each other,
and your commitment to each other.

A commitment ceremony may be similar to a wedding. It is not a legally binding
ceremony, it is a public affirmation of your commitment to one another.

A commitment ceremony is the perfect way to make a public declaration of the
life-long commitment, love and dedication between you and your partner.
Whether you choose to share the ceremony with family and friends or to hold it
in private, it will be a  perfect ceremony  for you.

I can assist you to register your union in Queensland - Relationships Act 2011
and obtain  formal document from Queensland BDM.

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Commitment Ceremonies
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